Upcoming Holiday Events in the Lubbock Area

People ice skating on a frozen pond

Celebrate the season in Lubbock, TX by joining fellow community members and their families at local events. Find our favorite Christmas activities that are perfect for the kids below. Read More

Where Can I Find a Real Christmas Tree in the Lubbock Area?

Family dragging a Christmas tree behind them at a Christmas tree farm

For some, it’s not the Christmas season until a freshly cut tree is standing in their living room. The process of choosing the perfect tree, hauling it home on the roof of your car, and the real pine scent that fills your home are experiences cherished by many during the holiday season that can’t be replaced by a fake tree. Read More

What should be included in a roadside emergency kit?

Car Emergency Kit Checklist

In addition to some automotive supplies that should always be on-hand inside your vehicle, like a tire gauge and tire-changing supplies, drivers should also be equipped with a roadside emergency kit in case of unexpected weather or vehicle malfunctions that leave you stuck on the side of the road. Find out what we think is most important to include in our car emergency kit checklist below. Read More

Where to Watch Football Games in the Lubbock area

Where to Watch Football Banner

What are the Best Sports Bars near Lubbock, TX?

Football season is a very special time of year. The leaves are changing, the pigskin’s flying, and everyone is excited for the months ahead. As nice as it is to watch the game from home, it’s also a lot of fun to watch it at a local sports bar, surrounded by your fellow football fanatics! That said, what are the best sports bars in Lubbock, TX? Read More

Clear your schedule for a fun local weekend!

Labor Day events in Lubbock TX

2017 Labor Day Weekend events Lubbock TX

It’s hard to believe it, but it’s already August again. Labor Day Weekend is only a few short weeks away. As such, your friends here at Carlisle Motors want to make sure you’re in-the-know about local goings-on and events! That’s why we put together this post with a shortlist of fun and exciting 2017 Labor Day Weekend events in Lubbock TX. Keep reading to make sure you have a fun and safe family weekend! Read More

How Much Fuel Do You Have Left When the Low Fuel Light Comes On?

Close Up of Kia Optima Fuel Gauge Display

How Far Can You Drive with Your Gas Light On?

We have all done it – tempted fate when the low fuel light comes on. You can make it another 25 miles right? Maybe another 50 miles? Next thing you know, you are calling your friend to bring you a full gas can – and you will never hear the end of it. What if we told you, that with some simple math, you can avoid ever running out of gas again? If you have ever asked – how far can you drive with your gas light on – this quick guide will point you in the right direction at Carlisle Motors. Read More

Things To Do for July 4th 2017 in the Lubbock Area

Silhouette of Crowd Looking Up at White Fireworks in the Sky

2017 4th of July Fireworks Displays and Events Lubbock TX

Are you looking for the perfect way to spend July 4th with friends and family this summer? Look no further than this list of fun-filled 2017 4th of July fireworks displays and events in Lubbock, TX. With everything from patriotic parades to red, white and blue fireworks, there is no shortage of excitement this Independence Day. Make this July 4th even more exciting and get behind the wheel of an affordable, pre-owned vehicle at Carlisle Motors today! Read More

Things To Do for Memorial Day 2017 in the Lubbock Area

American Flags with Sun Shining From Behind

2017 Memorial Day Events and Activities Lubbock TX

Are you looking for things to do this Memorial Day? Look no further than this brief list of 2017 Memorial Day events and activities in Lubbock, TX. With everything from an annual comic convention to a family-friendly pool party, this Memorial Day weekend promises to be fun for all ages. As you spend an extended weekend with friends and family, take a moment to remember the fallen heroes that give this patriotic holiday meaning. Read More

Things To Do for Mother’s Day 2017 in the Lubbock Area

Mother and Daughter Holding Hands on Dirt Road

2017 Mother’s Day Events and Brunches Lubbock TX

What are your plans for Mother’s Day this year? With the maternal holiday just around the corner, it may be time to kick your Mother’s Day plans into high gear with this list of 2017 Mother’s Day events and brunches in Lubbock, TX. Make this day even more memorable and get behind the wheel of a pre-owned car, truck or SUV at Carlisle Motors. Read More

Things To Do for Easter 2017 in the Lubbock County Area

Blue Background with Cartoon Eggs, White Bunny Ears and Happy Easter Banner

2017 Easter Egg Hunts and Events Lubbock TX

Spring is here and Easter is right around the corner in Lubbock County — what are your plans for Easter this year? Are you looking for things to do with family and friends this spring? Look no further than this quick list of 2017 Easter egg hunts and events in Lubbock, TX. Find the perfect way to spend your Easter with friends and family this year. Read More