How To Get Better Gas Mileage

Pumping gas at a gas station

While gas prices have been consistently low for quite some time, it’s still expensive and not a resource you want to waste. Fluctuating gas prices and your specific vehicle will be the largest contributing factors in how much you pay in gas costs month over month, though some bad habits can also cost you at the pump. Find our 5 steps for improving your fuel economy to save on fuel below.

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5 Steps to Improve Your Fuel Economy

Use Cruise Control When Possible

One of the common misconceptions about fuel economy is that using cruise control can use more gas than not using cruise control. In truth, keeping your vehicle at a consistent speed will use less gas than speeds that consistently go up and down. When possible, turn your cruise on and save.

Empty Your Trunk

Driver filling a gas tankWhenever your vehicle has to work harder, you are using more gas. A heavier car takes more effort to move and storing unnecessary items in the trunk of your car is adding dead weight. Avoid storing things you are not using “just in case” and pack only needed items for vehicle safety like an emergency roadside kit.

Routinely Check Tire Inflation

Having improperly-inflated tires can have a significant effect on your overall gas costs. Find the proper PSI for your tires in your owner’s manual. Tire pressure is constantly fluctuating due to changes in temperature and other factors so make sure to check your tire pressure regularly.

Avoid Stop and Go Traffic

Like we mentioned in the first step on cruise control, keeping your vehicle at a consistent speed can improve fuel economy. Each time you have to slow down in stop and go traffic you also need to speed back up, which takes a lot of power and gas. Try planning trips that avoid congested roads during peak traffic times.

Drive Slower

The faster you drive the more wind resistance your vehicle faces. More wind resistance means more work for your engine and more gas. Even with maintaining consistent speeds, you will use more gas going 85 miles per hour than you will going 65 miles per hour, so cool it with the accelerator and save at the pump.

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