How To Safely Share the Roads This Spring

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Spring Driving Safety Tips

While most drivers consider winter driving to be the most hazardous, spring driving comes with its own set of things to look out for. We have created a checklist of spring road hazards to be aware of below. Safe driving!

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5 Hazards to Look Out for On Spring Roads

  • Avoid Potholes – Winter thawing tends to result in a lot of new potholes on the roads. If possible, steer clear of driving over potholes as they can have damaging effects on your tires and tire Woman driving a car on a sunny dayalignment. If you do hit one too many potholes and notice tire damage or that your vehicle veers to one side, it’s time to schedule a service appointment at your local dealership.
  • Slow Down on Wet Roads – Wet roads can become slick really fast, especially when the rain mixes with oils and vehicle fluids left behind. Make sure to slow down and take your time on wet roads so you can give yourself enough time to slow down safety and prevent hydroplaning.
  • Watch for Pedestrians and Motorcyclists – As the temperatures rise, it is important to safely share the roads with fellow pedestrians, motorcyclists, and bicyclists that are out enjoying the nice weather. Always make sure to check your blind spots before turning or changing lanes and give ample space to anyone in the bike lane.
  • Keep a Look Out for Animal Crossings – Spring weather also results in a lot of movement from local wildlife. Keep a lookout for any animals that may be attempting to cross the roads, especially at sunrise and sunset with wildlife is most active.
  • Keep Up To Date with Maintenance – Regular vehicle maintenance is important year round, but in spring especially it is important to keep up with fluid checks, windshield wiper replacement, headlights and taillights, and tire care.

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