Follow this advice to keep your car cool during the summer months

Unexpected ways the heat can affect your car-carlisle motors

Unexpected ways the heat can affect your car

Hot weather can have an adverse effect on your car, many times in ways that can be surprising. Here is a good list of unexpected ways the heat can affect your car that you should keep in mind as the temperatures get higher and higher.

Check your tires

Extreme heat can accelerate the wearing out process of any damaged or cracked tires. Driving on worn out tires is dangerous in any situation, but hot weather adds to the deterioration. Make sure to check your tires regularly, and replace them if they appear worn or damaged.

Replace an older batteryUnexpected ways the heat can affect your car-battery-carlisle motors

Hot weather places a great amount of stress of your battery. This stress is multiplied as the battery gets older. If your car has lived its entire life in a hot climate, be sure to replace the battery every couple years.

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Your oil has to work harder

A hot engine requires a lot of lubrication. This causes your engine oil to do more work when the temperatures are higher. Keep up to date on your oil changes to make sure the engine always has fresh oil and stays well-lubricated.

Be sure to keep all of your fluids topped off

The heat will affect more than just oil and coolant. All of the fluids in your car, including gasoline, with evaporate faster in higher temperatures. Keep everything topped off. A good way to help eliminate this is to keep your car parked out of the heat in a garage whenever possible.

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Use your windshield washer regularly

This is important, but not for the obvious reasons. In hot weather, windshield wipers can sometimes melt to the windshield. The best way to avoid this is just to regularly run your windshield washer. The fluid will cool down the blades, and the movement will help unstick them.

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